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A veggie range, inspired by the power of vegetables

Our research and development teams has selected the best of vegetables to incorporate them in cosmetic skincare formulas, peel-off masks, with 4 main benefits: soothing, revitalizing, radiant and moisturizing.


Soothing broccoli:

The soothing broccoli peel-off mask contains Actimmune™, a patented broccoli sprout extract known to reduce skin sensitivity and UV-induced inflammation.


Revitalizing tomato:

The revitalizing tomato peel-off mask is formulated with tomato powder. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, tomato is known to restore a healthy glow to mature skin.


Glowing carrot:

The glowing carrot peel-off mask is made of carrot root, known to brighten complexion and to give a healthy good looking effect to all skin types.


Moisturizing beetroot:

The moisturizing beetroot peel-off mask, enriched with betaine, acts directly on the epidermis hydration.


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