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CalseaGrow : anticipates heat strokes

In pigs, heat stress occurs at temperatures above 25 ° C. This phenomenon can appear at lower temperatures in case of high humidity. Pigs are unable to sweat, that’s why they are particularly sensitive to it.

Lower feed consumption, increase in water consumption and faster breathing are the main symptoms of heat stress in pigs. This stress also accentuates oxidative phenomena, which lead to a decline in immunity and an imbalance of the intestinal microbiota. Consequences are a deterioration of the zootechnical performances (Average Daily Gain, Feed Conversion Ratio) as well as an alteration of the meat quality.

CalseaGrow, thanks to its richness in differentiating prebiotics (POS) and identified antioxidants (polyphenols), will have two main actions. First, thanks to the prebiotics, it rebalances the intestinal microbiota and so improves the feed digestibility. Then, by providing antioxidants, CalseaGrow rebalances the oxidative balance, thereby boosting immunity and improving the quality of the meat. The antioxidants provided by CalseaGrow are partially stocked by the animal. This specificity makes it suitable to face many stressful situations, throughout all its production cycle.

All these elements make CalseaGrow a natural solution for anticipating and limiting the impact of heat stress in pigs.


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