Everything you need to know about dry shampoo

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In the form of a spray or loose powder, dry shampoo has played an important role in the world of hair care for several years. It’s a great ally for people in a hurry or running late, and it’s also a good way to space out your shampoos.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is often formulated from starch, rice, oat or corn powder. There are dry shampoos that use a propellant to spray the powder on, or dry shampoos in the form of a loose powder that you pour into the palm of your hand before applying to the roots. The advantage of loose powder is that the formula is more environmentally-friendly and alcohol-free, so it’s less harsh on the scalp. However, it does require good control when applying, as the powder can be volatile.

Dry shampoos can be adapted to suit different hair types: dry, oily, fine or curly, or to match hair colour thanks to coloured versions that avoid marks on the roots.

What is the purpose of dry shampoo?

The purpose of dry shampoo is to absorb excess sebum accumulated at the roots. This allows you to space out your shampoos while keeping your hair clean and fresh. Adding this powder can also give fine hair a bit of body and volume. It can also give structure to unruly hair and texturise hair before styling.

How do I use dry shampoo?

Here are the steps for applying dry shampoo correctly:

  • Brush all over your hair
  • With a dry shampoo spray: spray the product onto the roots, making sure you keep a distance of 20cm, and massage into the scalp, loosening the roots. Leave on for a few moments.
  • With a loose powder dry shampoo: place the powder shampoo in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and massage your scalp, lifting the roots to activate and distribute the product.
  • You can insist on applying the product to areas that tend to re-grease quickly, such as the temples, fringe, etc.
  • Brush your hair to remove any residue.

Dry shampoo is not intended to replace conventional shampoo. It should be used in moderation, as a traditional wash with water and shampoo allows the hair to eliminate residue and impurities for a clean scalp. It’s important to let your hair breathe to keep it healthy. The ideal solution is to use dry shampoo between washes to space them out.