Peel-off mask technology

Masque peel-off appliqué sur le visage

Peel-off masks are quite particular masks formulas, as they don’t need to be washed-off to be removed. After application, mask will progressively dried in order that. After a resting time, it could be peeled-off in one piece, as a second skin.

2 peel-off masks galenic

2 types of peel-off masks can be found on the market : ready to use masks, polyvinyl alcohol based and masks that need to be rehydrated just before use, alginate based. Second ones are less present as they were historically dedicated to professional use (spa, beauty salons, thalassotherapy centers…) due to their technicity. However, growing consumers interests for naturality and “Do-It-Yourself” products tend to make them more and more popular on mainstream markets.

Polyvinyl alcohol based masks are classic cosmetics products, often packed in tubes, with a gel texture.

Instructions for use : apply the mask on the whole face in thin layer with fingertips. Rest for 5 to 15 min, remove the film, no need to rinse.

Theses formulations notably contain:

  • Polyvinyl alcohol : a synthetic polymer used in various industries (pharmaceutical, paint, textile…) for its filmogenic properties.
  • Alcohol : will fast mask drying, by evaporating in contact with air.
Alginate based masks are under powder form, often in a single use packaging, in order to be sure to respect Powder/Water ratio required for an optimal  jellification.

Instruction for use: pour the powder sachet in a bowl, dose the adequate water quantity (tap water, room temperature) or use the gel sachet that can be furnished. Pour water (or gel) on the powder and immediately mix during approximately 1 min in order to obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste. Apply mask with a spatula on the whole face. Rest for 15 to 20 min, remove the film, no need to rinse.

Be careful, once powder is in contact with aqueous phase, the jellification reaction starts and product should be applied within the following 5 to 10 minutes maximum (after this time, product will be too hard to be applied).

Theses masks are composed of:

  • Alginate : fiber extracted from brown seaweeds and well-known for its filmogenic properties.
  • A natural source of calcium : it’s the combination of those 2 ingredients that leads to jellified film formation

Due to its powder formulation, alginate based masks are preservative free and often mostly composed of natural origin ingredients (some of them are even compliant to COSMOS certification).


Peel-off masks properties

Thanks to their filmogenic properties, peel-off masks:

  • Form an occlusive film at skin surface, limiting its Trans-Epidermal Water Loss natural phenomenon. This leads to an increase of skin moisturizing level after mask application.
  • Efficiency deliver actives to skin. Some professional protocols include a serum application under peel-off masks in order to maximize their efficacy.
  • Purify skin by catching impurities present at skin surface.


For all these reasons, peel-off masks are a smart choice as a first step of your skin care routine.