The company

NUWEN is a Groupe Roullier subsidiary and international specialist at the service of manufacturers. The company negotiates and produces mineral raw materials and functional ingredients in the domains of animal nutrition, cosmetics, health and food and industry.


Our mission

We are responsive to issues and looking for specific products that make each project an added value. We accompany each manufacturer in their differentiation and innovation approach by developing and supplying the raw materials and future solutions.

Our values


We operate by pooling the strengths of our teams and all our expertise.



We explore all the possibilities to propose unique and innovative solutions.


We are constantly responsive to each partner to anticipate their needs and respond to market changes.


We work hand in hand with all the manufacturers to make each collaboration a lasting relationship.


We daily challenge the solutions we develop.


We are driven by the desire to build the future.






NUWEN has been producing, processing and distributing for over 40 years a range of raw materials for animal feed for all species. With this expertise and know-how in animal nutrition, NUWEN invests in research and development in order to offer technical and innovative ingredients. The animal nutrition activity offers quality nutritional solutions, which optimize the animal’s performance through gentle and natural approaches.



NUWEN’s cosmetics activity sells marine ingredients and a wide chose of natural skincare cosmetics, for the most renowned names in French and international cosmetics. NUWEN offers face and body skincare products and a specific range of powder cosmetics (peel-off mask, scrub, dry shampoo, cleansing milk). Technical team offers custom service to develop specific and unique cosmetics formulas, together with packaging that is suited to your sales circuits.



NUWEN’s nutrition and health activity offers a wide choice of natural ingredients of marine origin intended for the Food and Nutraceutical sector. Specialized in marine ingredients, NUWEN’s nutrition-health activity provides solutions to be integrated into food supplements, functional drinks and various food preparations / recipes. The R&D teams support each development project to offer unique and effective formulations for a health or functional effect.



The Industry activity of NUWEN brings all the raw materials intended for the food industry, water treatment, cement plants as well as buildings and public works. The solutions developed by NUWEN for industries basically comprise trade products. Long-standing partnerships enable us to ensure that you receive a secure supply throughout the year.





Calcium carbonate extraction and processing plant – Calvados (14)

NUWEN has been a producer of terrestrial calcium carbonate for 20 years. The activity of the site is based on a controlled process, ranging from the study of the deposit, the extraction, to the different stages of transformation. The carbonate is analyzed several times during the manufacturing process, then stored and shipped. The production is intended for animal nutrition, soil conditioner and industry.

Production of 189,000 tonnes/yr

32 ha

6 000 trucks/yr







Algae processing plant – Côtes-d’Amor (22)

Created in 1985 and built on a peninsula facing the sea at the center of an exceptional European maritime site, the activity of the factory is dedicated to the cosmetic formulation, the production, processing and recovery of natural marine products. The process of seaweed transformation takes place on site from harvesting to grinding, washing and drying.

The NUWEN’s factory has drawn on its experience of the natural environment for an unrivalled expertise provided to industries from diverse ranges of activities: Spa and Cosmetics, Food Industry, Nutraceutical, Animal and Plant Nutrition.

5 production workshops

12 000 m² site

15 seaweed harvesting boats




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