The company

NUWEN is a Groupe Roullier subsidiary and international specialist at the service of manufacturers. The company negotiates and produces mineral raw materials and functional ingredients in the domains of nutrition, well-being and the environment.


Our mission

We are responsive to issues and looking for specific products that make each project an added value. We accompany each manufacturer in their differentiation and innovation approach by developing and supplying the raw materials and future solutions.

Our values


We operate by pooling the strengths of our teams and all our expertise.



We explore all the possibilities to propose unique and innovative solutions.


We are constantly responsive to each partner to anticipate their needs and respond to market changes.


We work hand in hand with all the manufacturers to make each collaboration a lasting relationship.


We daily challenge the solutions we develop.


We are driven by the desire to build the future.

NUWEN by Timab

Historically a raw material trader, NUWEN by Timab also proposes specialty products developed by its research and development department in the domains of animal nutrition, food industry, industry and water treatment.

Available, responsive and committed, the teams apply all their expertise to provide innovative custom solutions.

NUWEN by Timab has owned a land-based calcium carbonate mining and processing site. The production is designed for animal nutrition, soil conditioners and construction.



Production of 180,000 tonnes/yr
32 ha 6 000 trucks/yr

NUWEN by Setalg

Built on a peninsula facing the sea at the center of an exceptional European maritime site, NUWEN by Setalg is a company dedicated to the production, processing and recovery of natural marine and land-based products.

NUWEN by Setalg has drawn on its experience of the natural environment for an unrivalled expertise provided to industries from diverse ranges of activities: Spa and Cosmetics, Food Industry, Neutraceutical, Animal and Plant Nutrition.

Operating in 60 countries, the company has specialized in manufacturing high quality products so as to meet the diverse requirements of its customers. The commercial and industrial teams are multi-disciplinary, responsive and flexible so as to listen to you and meet all your demands.



5 production workshops
12 000 m² site 15 seaweed harvesting boats

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