Digestive health, Vitality & Bone health.

Become an expert in formulating with marine ingredients!

Discover the benefits of algaes and other marine ingredients in health nutrition and how they can be used to formulate natural and effective food supplements. Deep dive into 3 health spheres : digestive health, vitality and bone health.

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    This formulation guide will help you:

    picto algues

    Discover the health benefits of marine ingredients

    picto synergies

    Understand synergies created when combining marine ingredients

    picto formules

    Formulate dietary supplements with marine ingredients

    Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding toward food supplements, looking for natural sustainable active ingredients with strong effectiveness. Natural marine ingredients such as algaes can help meet these lasting consumer demands through their exceptional health properties and renewable qualities.em and integrate them into food supplement formulas to access health claims. Find out how to integrate and combine them into food supplement formulas to access health claims.

    Bone Health
    Vitality and Sport recovery
    Digestive Health