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Supply Chain

13 stocks

12 500 trucks/yr

81 countries delivered by containers


The department’s mission is to ensure the continuity and reliability of merchandise flows, from manufacturing the product to its delivery.

A genuine interface between the various internal (sales, quality, regulatory, etc.) and external (suppliers, hauliers, customers, etc.) departments, the supply chain applies its expertise to support your demands.


The daily aim of the Purchasing department is to provide customer satisfaction in terms of product quality and availability.

With the active collaboration of our suppliers, protecting our supplies is a priority. Indeed, the department makes every possible effort to provide lasting solutions within the deadlines required.

In a constantly changing environment, NUWEN remains attentive to changes in the market so as to anticipate future trends and implement suitable solutions.

Operating internationally, the teams support the development of the activity by searching for new partners, responding to every aspect of customer needs. The purchasing policy selects suitable suppliers on the basis of reciprocal commitments. The collaboration enables us to reach the quality, cost, deadline and performance objectives of the activity.


Genuinely proactive and with a sound experience in international transport (road, sea, air) and using reliable hauliers, the customer service is always available to meet your needs and adapts to all situations.


The presence of Groupe Roullier subsidiaries on all the continents and close, trusting collaborations with partners enable NUWEN to rapidly find storage solutions adapted to your requirements while ensuring product safety and traceability.



7/7 Operation

150 000 analysis/yr

25 000 samples/yr


NUWEN has a Physical-Chemical Test Laboratory that performs all the physical and chemical analyses required for testing production, quality control, studies and innovation projects. The laboratory has modern equipment and develops its analysis protocols by means of highly specialized methods such as, for instance, electrochemistry, spectrocolorimetry or even atomic emission spectrometry.


With a team of experts in the complex legislation of these various sectors of activity, the chief role of the Regulatory Affairs Department is to ensure that products comply with the regulations, thus safeguarding the activity of NUWEN and its customers, and supporting its development in the various markets.

Finally, as a genuine support to the different sales, technical, quality or even logistics teams, Regulatory affairs supplies the keys required to understand the regulations, irrespective of the country or sector of activity concerned. The team can rely on numerous associations such as the Union Chamber of Algae and Marine Plants, COSMED (association of SMEs in the cosmetics industry) and SYNADIET (National Union of Food Supplements)



Our company’s prime concern is customer satisfaction and the quality of the products it markets.

Strongly backed up by a committed Management team, the quality system is a genuine pillar of the company’s management system. It is deployed on all the processes right up to delivery at our customers.

As a producer and trader in raw materials and additives for many years, we work together with our suppliers and plants to perform a fully controlled work to ensure the best level of product quality and services in our various markets.

Our partners are referenced and assessed annually to ensure that our customers get the best possible level of requirements and quality.

On a daily basis, our continuous improvement approach continues to be seen in the support of NUWEN’s development by constantly seeking to improve effectiveness, responsiveness, and innovation at the service of our customers.

We put at your disposal our quality policy on simple request: contact@nuwen.fr

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