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Natural masks with proven efficacity and innovative textures

Specialised in the development and manufacture of powder masks made with natural marine ingredients, NUWEN by Setalg is permanently in research of innovation to highlight its technic expertise in creation of new products.


Innovative textures

Adapt to current issues with clinically proven effectiveness

Air pollution is a daily problem for our skin. The level of concentration of fine particles, reflecting the index of air quality, is now part of the daily lives. These particles are very diverse in nature and carry all types of pollutants: heavy metals, gases, carbon elements…

It is proven that thanks to their high fiber content, algae have natural complexing properties with certain pollutants.

Our laboratory put its know-how at the service of this problem to develop the Urban D-Pollution peel-off mask. A formula rich in complementary active ingredients naturally effective to capture pollutants.

Composed of chlorella (micro-algae), activated charcoal, white clay and white Ginseng root, the Urban D-Pollution peel-off mask contains 17% of active ingredients and is formulated without preservatives, surfactants, fragrances and without dye.

Its application makes it possible to immediately remove 84% of the fine particles present on the surface of the skin. It also makes it possible to rebalance the hydrolipidic film by increasing the cutaneous pH by approximately 12% and increasing the hydration by + 74.6%.


Suggest surprising textures

NUWEN by Setalg is also committed in offering consumers ever more innovative, playful and varied textures. Obtained thanks to a simple addition of water to the powder, the consumer becomes an actor in the manufacture of his mask.

From the transparent & refreshing jelly, to the gel that must be whipped like egg whites, through the unctuous and crackling mousse or even the comforting self-heating; these original textures are real opportunities to change from classic masks.

Formulated with natural ingredients, each of these transformational textures gives the consumer a different experience that allows him to vary its use without ever get bored.

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