How to formulate marine ingredients for food supplements?

complément alimentaire

Marine environment in one of the richest zone in the world in term of organisms and mineral diversity. Many marine ingredients like sea minerals or algae are already employed for their specificities and benefits when used as functional ingredients in nutraceutical area.

Currently, even if most of these ingredients are used for their specific properties, combinating marine ingredients together can provide new interesting effect. This effect occurs when two ingredients mixed together in a formulation positively react to induce new benefits or higher benefits than each ingredients alone.


NUWEN R&D team designed 3 guides to offer concepts ideas by combining different active ingredients on the spheres of digestive health, vitality and sport recovery and bone health. This document is the result of an extensive research and laboratory testing.

After a brief explanation of each sphere health, the scientific evidence demonstrating the interest of the ingredient alone in the health sphere is presented. Then, blends ideas are indicated, by proposing ingredients associations, possible galenic forms and associated claims.