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NUWEN exhibits on Expo Leche GILSA in Aguascalientes, Mexico

NUWEN-Salon-ExpoLeche-MexiqueOur NUWEN feed team is currently in Aguascalientes to exhibit on Expo Leche GILSA until May 11th. Come and visit them Booth 85!

Expo Leche GILSA brings together more than 1000 participants, exhibitors, breeders, companies and professionals from the agri-food industry, enabling them to present their products and services. Many conferences are planned to discuss current industry issues.

NUWEN is presenting its Animal Nutrition product range and especially CALSEAPOWDER and  CALSEAGROW.

CALSEAPOWDER is a natural and marine ingredient made from fossilized red algae. Rich in minerals, the product contains antacids proprieties that act on the pH to stabilize it. CALSEAPOWDER is a booster of production of milk and meat.

CALSEAGROW is a natural product with a proven efficiency on pork’s growth improvement and Feed Conversion Ratio by acting on the intestinal biota. The unique composition of CALSEAGROW results from the synergy between plants extract and slowly calcified and naturally microporous algae.

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