URBAN D-pollution peel-off Mask


URBAN D-pollution peel-off mask is formulated in naturally effective complementary active ingredients to capture pollutants.

Suitable for: Purify imperfect skin

  • 91.1% of ingredients from natural origin
  • +74.6% of immediate hydration
  • Remove 84% of fine particules


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Composition of the URBAN D-pollution peel-off mask formula


Among the algae family, we have selected a species that is well known for its natural detoxifying effect: chlorella.
Chlorella is a unicellular micro-alga living in sea or clear water. It differs from other plants by its exceptional chlorophyll concentration. Moreover, the structure and composition of its cellular wall (tri-layer, rich in chitine and cellulose) allows it to catch and eliminate pollutants, especially heavy metals (Mercury, Arsenic, Lead…).

Plant-based activated charcoal

Plant-based activated charcoal is a porous substance, mainly composed of carbon. It has a high gas and toxin absorption capacity which means that it captures toxic substances to facilitate their elimination.

High purity white clay

White clay is recognized for its purifying properties. Its natural efficacy is due to its chemical structure. In solution, clay catches positively charged molecules such as mineral salts and can exchange them once it gets in contact with the skin. Clay remineralizes and detoxifies the epidermis by switching its mineral salts with toxins and impurities that lie at the skin surface. For this reason, we have selected a high purity clay, which concentrates the most adapted mineral components to catch impurities : bentonite.

Ginseng white root

Ginseng is originated from China and Korea. It has been part of the Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) Pharmacopoeia for more than 2000 years. It has re-equilibrating and stimulating properties, especially over the Qi, the “vital energy”. Then, it contributes to health and wellness.

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