Our nutritional products from aquaculture origin

Aquaculture is a market on the rise whose nutritional resources are limited.  NUWEN provides high quality marine ingredients and raw materials adapt to issues of aquaculture.


The range of macro-algae, micro-algae and raw materials proposed enables you to supply proteins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants to all types of fish farming species.


NUWEN selects a high quality range of macro-algae and micro-algae to propose benefits tailored to your needs. The nutrients contained in seaweeds are naturally bioavailable and easily digested. This resource gives fish farming species the elements required to support their growth and keep them in good health.

Future resources of plant-based protein intake, NUWEN proposes two micro-algae: Spirulina and Chlorella as well as three categories of macro-algae, brown (Ascopharm, Algovert and Sea Spaghetti), red (Calseapowder, Dulse and Lichen) and Sea Lettuce.

The natural marine ingredients of NUWEN are a innovative food source for the aquaculture market.


Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

NUWEN offers you Vitamin C to bring a beneficial effect on tissues and cells for your aquaculture farms.

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