Our nutritional products for humans

Direct access to the resource, rigorous selection of raw materials, control of the process: NUWEN offers you a range of food industry ingredients, and custom services for your human nutrition products.

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C

Additive commonly used by manufacturers for its different effects (antioxidant, vitamin intake, technological auxiliary, etc.), particularly in the sectors of bread-making, milling, drinks but also for the processing of fruits or even the manufacturing of prepared meals and functional ingredients.

Sodium Chloride or Food-Grade Salt

Essential ingredient for all sectors of the Food industry owing to its preservative or flavor enhancer effect. Whether it is vacuum or sea, NUWEN and its effective multi-sourcing, can propose salt that best suits your sector of activity (meat and cooked meats, sea products, dairy products, snacks, prepared meals, canned food, bread and pastry/pastries, etc.).

Marine ingredients are an interesting source of trace elements, proteins and minerals, essential for the body. Supplier of natural marine ingredients, NUWEN guarantees you quality, safety and traceability.


Eaten for thousands of years, macro-algae are enjoyed for their flavors and nutritional wealth. They draw mineral elements (iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.) from the sea and synthesize organic compounds such as proteins, complex sugars, fatty acids, and vitamins. Some seaweeds also have texturizing properties that can be used in gastronomy.


Grown in fresh water basins, under the supervision of biologists and technicians, each species has specific properties, essentially related to their composition: proteins, β-carotene, chlorophyll, etc.

Texturizing Agents

These ingredients have an effective and fully natural action. Thickening agents, gelling agents or even stabilizers are part of the large marine ingredient range of NUWEN.

Les Algues Gastronomes

“Les Algues Gastronomes” are a range composed chiefly of biological products. They propose a ready to use offer for consumers. The seaweeds (in sheets or straws) as well as cooking assistance (agar agar or nori sushi) will allow consumers to discover all the benefits of marine ingredients.

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