Research & Development

Innovation is core to the Research and Development department.
Its chief mission is to develop innovations by performing technical and scientific tests that take into account the specific features of markets and industrial constraints.

The teams are constantly seeking new products and keep their ears close to the ground to identify trends, anticipate needs and develop innovative products. NUWEN’s research and development department can also draw upon the structures of Groupe Roullier such as the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier or even CERA.

Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier

8 000 m²

220 employees

15 nationalities


For the development of new products, The Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier provides NUWEN with a range of multidisciplinary and international essential functions: research, laboratory, test station, regulatory affairs. This know-how can speed up the innovation capacity and shorten the time to marketing of new products resulting from the research.

Hence, The Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier, with its tools and outstanding human expertise, provides innovative solutions adapted to NUWEN’s partners


CERA (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Appliquées)

17 engineers
and technicians

1 200 m²
of pilot hall

100 studies/yr


The CERA has a test laboratory and a pilot plant with a wide variety of industrial equipment. Its mission is to design innovative formulation solutions and new industrial procedures; manufacture pilot productions that will be used in technical tests or in vivo tests.

With the expertise of its engineers and technicians, CERA supports NUWEN in responding to the demands of its customers.

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