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Satisfaction measurement : 98% of clients are satisfied with our services

NUWEN by Timab conducted a customer satisfaction survey in the spring of 2018 to measure your satisfaction and give you the opportunity to express yourself. We thank you very much for taking time to answer our questionnaire and thus participate in our Continuous Improvement process.



We thank all our partners for the very good overall average awarded.

You are 98% overall satisfied or very satisfied with our services. THANK YOU for your trust ! You have responded from all over the world.



Producer and trader of raw materials and additives for many years, we carry out, in partnership with our suppliers and our factories, a mastery work to ensure the highest level of product quality and services in our different markets. We are therefore pleased to announce that you are 96% satisfied with the quality of the products we offer and especially the respect of physicochemical properties.

With 90% satisfaction for the sales department, you particularly appreciate the responsiveness and quality of the exchanges with our sales representatives.

ADV / Logistics department have a good order management with 90% satisfaction for their services.



CALSEAPOWDER RANGE : You are 94% satisfied with our range CalseaPowder (of which 66% very satisfied for our various associated services)

SALT : Our salt offer satisfies you with 90% average satisfaction (Commercial Services, ADV / Logistics, Quality)

CALCIUM CARBONATE : Our production of calcium carbonate associated with the various services offered satisfies you globally.



“Overall, we are pleased to work with NUWEN, and we see your company as a partner in our success”

“A nonconformity on sodium bicarbonate was detected and your commercial was very reactive”

“A high reactivity of the ADV and a logistical service that seeks to meet our needs even when we are out of time, this is one of your strengths”

“Order management is a strong point of NUWEN”



All your remarks and advices have been taken into account and are part of our Continuous Improvement program. We work daily to satisfy you.

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